The Real Family Guys Podcast – Episode Twelve

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violent video games

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Video games are cool. The true-to-life pictures are staggering and the thrill of online competition provides a huge rush. But what happens when you mix this with violence?

My Texas friend Trey Gibson and I host this weekly podcast dedicated to family and parenting topics. Check out the show at The Real Family Guys Podcast Episode 12. You’ll find a new episode of us there every Friday.

Today’s topics include:

Video games and violence. Trey and I discuss:

  • Should we let our kids play them?
  • Should we be playing them?
  • What are the ramifications?
  • Is “desensitization” real?
  • Are we over-reacting as a society?
  • How should a parent evaluate these games?
  • The top 10 most violent games, according to

We referenced and as sites that parents can use to check media reviews for their kids.

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