Are You Living or Existing – A Book Review

Are You Living or Existing by Kimanzi Constable

This week my friend Kimanzi Constable has released a new book. It is entitled “are you living or existing.” While books titled like this are normally a dime a dozen, I think it’s important that you take a look at this book and see if it helps you toward your own goals. I’ll explain why.

In this book, you’ll learn how Kimanzi struggled to move out of his day job and into his dream job. He shares with you his story of becoming a speaker and an offer from his daytime job as a bread delivery man.

You may not agree with his approach, or you may think it’s impractical. After all, how does someone who works at 2 am every day move into being an international speaker and author? Kimanzi tells you how in his book.

This book is definitely about Kimanzi’s climb. It won’t be your climb because the wall that we’re all trying to scale is different. However, if you’ll read the book and give it a chance, you can at least learn where Kimanzi brought his ladder from. And sometimes, that’s enough to get started.

Sometimes, though, we see the ladder but only pay attention to the bottom rung (where we are) and the top rung (where we want to be). This book tells you about all of the rungs in between in Kimanzi’s journey. You have to touch them all or risk falling right back to the bottom. Maybe you’re having a hard time seeing your rungs so reading this book can help.

Climb the ladder and start living. Or, you can stay at the bottom of the ladder and simply exist. In this book, you’ll see how someone is doing it. At just under 100 pages, the book is a simple read with simple, straightforward concepts.

And right now, if you purchase his book you’ll receive $100 worth of bonus material when you send your receipt to Kimanzi at This special offer lasts through May 19 so act soon. If you purchase through Amazon on my affiliate site, a portion of the proceeds comes back to me without costing you any additional money.

Here is a link to my review on Amazon. You’ll see that I found the book helpful. I believe you will too.

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