Happy New Year! My 2013 Resolutions

resolution new year

Photo from AP News Wire from 2013 celebration in Hong Kong

Happy 2013! Here are my resolutions/goals for the new year. What are yours?

  1. No criticizing, condemning, or complaining
  2. Publish 6 e-books
  3. Get 2500 followers on Twitter
  4. Get 1000 fans on Facebook
  5. Blog 3 times per week
  6. Read New Testament in 2013
  7. Have three family events in our home or coordinated by us
  8. Talk to my kids who live away from home at least once per week
  9. Spend at least an hour each week with each kid who lives at home
  10. Tell my wife Kami that I love her everyday
  11. Show my wife that I appreciate her everyday
  12. Share my faith at least once per week
  13. Obtain new certifications as required at work
  14. Revitalize Performance Management at work
  15. Build new relationships with leaders at work

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